San Pedro Cactus | Medium | Echinopsis pachanoi

San Pedro Cactus | Medium | Echinopsis pachanoi

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San Pedro Cactus | Echinopsis pachanoi | Trichocereus pachanoi

An absolutely essential part of any cactus garden or landscape! This robust plant is easy to maintain, propagate and grow in your home or garden.

Sold per piece, Bare Root without any soil or pot. Small scarring is normal and expected but will not affect plant. Discoloration on the bottom of the cactus is normal from being planted in soil.

This cactus is considered the PC (Predominant Cultivar) variety of San Pedro Cactus. This means it’s the most common type of San Pedro Cactus.

Sizes are approximate:

  • Extra Small 4-8 inches 
  • Small - 8-12 inches
  • Medium - 12-18 inches
  • Large - 18-30 inches
  • Large Branching - 18-30 inches 

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