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  • The 10 Major Parts of San Pedro Cactus Anatomy: Reference Guide & Infographic

    A Quick Guide to Essential San Pedro Cactus Anatomy Welcome to the fascinating world of San Pedro Cactus Morphology & Anatomy. This simple g...
  • Cactus Grafting 101: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

    Grafting is the process of combining two plants together forming a symbiotic relationship between two plants. It is a common practice in all of horticulture and widely used in fruit production, ornamentals and more. This guide will provide you with simple step by step instructions, including the tools, tips, and aftercare needed to successfully graft cactus together. 
  • Identifying the 5 Major Types of San Pedro Cactus: The Ultimate Field Guide

    With over 20 species of Trichocereus cactus listed, identifying these statuesque columns from South America present a complex puzzle, challenging even seasoned collectors. Their subtle differences and unique characteristics turn the identification process into an engaging exploration. This straightforward guide is designed to give you the tools you need to confidently identify the major San Pedro varieties.
  • Colorado's Proposition 122: A Guide to Psychedelic Plant Laws in 2023

    What is Colorado's Proposition 122?

    One hot topic in our community is Colorado's Proposition 122: Access to Natural Psychedelic Substances - a game-changer for certain psychedelic plants and fungi such as San Pedro Cactus, Magic Mushrooms, and other plant based medicines. This blog will help you to understand how this law change affects you if you collect San Pedro Cactus and live in or outside of Colorado.

    Proposition 122 emerged from the November 2022 ballot in Colorado as a significant legislative initiative. This statute won over a majority vote of 53.64%, signifying shifting perspectives on psychedelic plants and fungi and took effect July 1, 2023. 

  • The Great Debate: Echinopsis or Trichocereus pachanoi?

    Will the real San Pedro please stand up, please stand up…please stand up? Do a quick Google search of “San Pedro Cactus” and you’ll likely encounte...
  • 7 Types of San Pedro Cactus

    When picturing a San Pedro cactus, the one that comes to mind is usually a tall, strong, rooted specimen with its columnar form stretching to the s...
  • How to Take a San Pedro Cactus Cutting

    A San Pedro cactus is a remarkable staple of any Lazy Garden, with an unbelievable ability to grow and sustain with little to no care. Its strong, ...
  • How to Grow a San Pedro Cactus

    A San Pedro Cactus is more than a plant, it’s an investment. With an impressive lifespan of up to 70 years and fast-growing columns that grow...