Frequently Asked Questions 

What is San Pedro Source?

    San Pedro Source is a licensed specialty online cactus nursery powered by Lazy Gardens focused on providing San Pedro Cactus, Rare & Collectible Plants. 

      Is it Legal to Buy San Pedro Cactus in the United States?

        Yes. It is legal to buy San Pedro cactus to grow for ornamental use in the United States. We only sell San Pedro cactus and it’s hybrids for ornamental purposes. Any discussion of non-ornamental usage can lead to cancellation of orders and potential exclusion from our store.

            What type of payment methods do you accept?

              We accept all standard forms of payment such as VISA, Mastercard, Amex through our secure checkout process.

              My payment method keeps getting declined but it shouldn’t be, what can I do?

              Please make sure all of your billing information including first name, last name and full billing address matches the information on the payment method you are using. 

                Where can you ship?

                  We ship to all 50 States and major territories in the USA. We do not ship internationally.

                      Can you ship internationally?

                        No we cannot ship internationally at the moment. 

                          Where do you ship from?

                            San Diego, California

                              Do you offer in person shopping?

                                No, we do not offer in person shopping. All orders must be placed online and shipped.  

                                  How much does shipping cost?

                                    Shipping is a Flat Rate of $14 on all orders

                                      Do you offer local pickup?

                                        No, we do not offer local pickuo. All orders are shipped via mail. 

                                          How long does it take for orders to ship then arrive?

                                          Shipping Estimate San Pedro Source

                                            Your cactus will arrive within 3-8 Business days typically. We need 1 to 5 Business Days to ship then 1-7 days in transit depending on where you are shipping to. 

                                              How do you ship live cactus?

                                                All plants are shipped bare root without soil or nursery pot. The plant is carefully wrapped and packaged to best protect it during shipping.

                                                  What if my order arrives damaged?

                                                  Please reach out via email info@sanpedrosource.com or contact form with a photo immediately so we can process a replacement. We want to make sure you are happy with your order!

                                                    Which Shipping Carriers do you use?

                                                      We ship all orders with USPS, Fedex, or UPS. PO Boxes may not be allowed depending on the size of the cactus.

                                                        What is your cancelation policy?

                                                          Orders can be cancelled only within 24 hours of placing your order. Please reach out ASAP if you'd like to cancel or modify your order. Once we have started processing your order we cannot cancel your order. 

                                                            What is your return policy?

                                                              We do not accept returns as this is a  perishable product. If you order arrived damaged contact us immediately for a replacement. 

                                                                What happens if my package is returned to sender?

                                                                  Make sure to double check your shipping address before placing your order. We are not responsible for incorrect address or return to sender packages. You will have to pay for reshipping your order to you. Ultimately we want you to recieve your order and in good condition so we will work with you on a case by case basis. Orders that are returned to sender cannot be refunded or cancelled

                                                                    Why is my cactus discolored at the base?

                                                                      Its normal for your cactus to come with discoloration on the base of the stalk. This is from being planted in the soil and will not affect the health of your plant.

                                                                          Is your San Pedro considered PC (predominant cultivar)?

                                                                            Not all of them, the Predominant Cultivar is a broad label for the most commonly available San Pedro Cactus on the market. We offer a wide selection of San Pedro Cultivars including PC (predominant cultivar) and many hybrids and landrace varieities. Each specific cultivar is listed within the product description. 

                                                                              Do you have non-PC San Pedro Available?

                                                                                Yes! We have many varieties of San Pedro Cactus that are not the PC variety. These include the Crested San Pedro Cactus (TPC), Monstrose San Pedro Cactus (TPM), Variegated San Pedro Cactus, and even its close relatives the Bolivian Torch Cactus (Trichocereus Bridgesii), the Peruvian Torch Cactus (Trichocereus Peruivanus), Trichocereus Scopulicola, and many other Trichocereus Hybrid Cultivars. 

                                                                                  Why is your San Pedro cactus listed as both Trichocereus pachanoi and echinopsis pachanoi? Are they the same cactus?

                                                                                     Yes they are the same cactus. The names are synonyms and both are commonly accepted to refer to ‘San Pedro Cactus’. Check out our blog for more information here!

                                                                                      Do you use fertilizer on your cactus?

                                                                                        Yes. Cactus like all other plants need fertilizer to grow healthy. 

                                                                                          Are your San Pedro Cactus grown organically?

                                                                                            No. We are not certified organic growers.

                                                                                              Are you San Pedro Cactus pesticide free?

                                                                                                No. We are not certified organic growers. We cannot guarantee they have not been treated by prior growers or affected by drift from neighboring treatment. 

                                                                                                  Do you offer wholesale?

                                                                                                    Yes to other business only with valid permits on larger quantities, please reach out via email or contact us.