Bolivian Torch Cactus | Bulk Cutting Packs | Trichocereus bridgesii

Bolivian Torch Cactus | Bulk Cutting Packs | Trichocereus bridgesii

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Bolivian Torch Cactus Cuttings | Trichocereus bridgesii | Echinopsis lageniformis

The Bolivan Torch Cactus is a relative of the San Pedro Cactus with a more glaucous blue skin at the tip that fades to green and longer spines. Typically more slender growth with fewer ribs, longer yellow spines, and a bigger distance between the areoles than San Pedro cactus.

We have a few different varieites of Bolivian Torch that fall under this listing some are seed grown and others are cuttings of a clone stock so the stock you receive will vary depending on what is available at that time.

We have Regular Cuttings with minimal blemishes and Imperfect Cuttings available which are more blemished and may have termination points.

    Cutting Sizes:

    • Small Cutting - 8-10 inches
    • Medium Cutting - 10-14 inches
    • Large Cutting - 14-18 inches

      Cactus will generally be thicker as they get bigger in size. 

      Orders Ship in 1-5 Business Days with USPS or Fedex.